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Project Description

Azzouz Ettoussi is born in 1955 in Taza, Morocco where he received his primary and secondary education before joining the Section of Philosophy, Psychology and Sociology of the Faculty of Humanities and Literature of Fez after obtaining his baccalaureate in Modern Literature, in 1974.

Having obtained the B.A. in Psychology in 1978, and the DEA in Individual Psychology in 1979 at the same faculty, then the DES (Doctorate of 3rd Cycle) in Social Psychology, at the Mohammed V University of Rabat, he then presented his thesis on the theme: “the sociometric positioning of teachers and pathways to the teaching profession”.

He has taught in a number of training centers and academic institutions including the Teachers’ Training Center in Fez from 1979 to 1998, the Casablanca Higher National School (ENS) and the Mohammed V University EST, as well as the Royal Institute for Training of Youth and Sports Agents.

He has worked as an advisor to the Minister of Health and as an expert with national and regional organizations and institutions in the MENA region.

He has also signed a number of studies and research in the fields of psychology, sociology and educational sciences. He has also been involved in a number of projects in the areas of health education, parenting education, training of preschool nurses, teachers and inclusive education.

He has also taken part in research teams and international universities in studies on migration, productive and sexual education. He published as well several articles in specialized journals and taken part in books and research groups in various fields of education sciences.