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Project Description

Mostafa Haddou is a laureate of Mohammed V University (Faculty of Law-Agdal) and the University of Quebec in Montreal (Canada). He has been responsible for the international cooperation sector at the Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research in Morocco. He is currently in charge of the Francophone Digital Campus of the University « Agence de la Francophonie » in Rabat.

He is particularly interested in cooperation in higher education and research and the development of information technology and communication for education (TICE) in training. Two areas of activity constitute his main professional concerns:

  • Promoting e-learning among teachers (online courses, MOOCs …), and the adoption of new pedagogical approaches.
  • Offering complementary trainings to students: documentary research, scientific writing, data analysis, publication of a research article, quality in teaching and research, etc.
Mostafa HADDOU
Mostafa HADDOU